Bowler Bear Designs

by Simone

Hello everyone, my name is Simone, the maker behind Bowler Bear Designs. Bowler Bear Designs aims to produce hand-crafted products, ideal for gifting to someone special. We want our customers to be able to show the people they care about how much love & thought has gone into their purchase with the perfect gift. 

One of my main inspirations when designing and making the products is Mental Wellbeing. I think it is so important to create time and space for ourselves to reflect, refresh and recharge. The world is such a busy place, and often we get so caught up in multitasking and being on the go that we forget to look after ourselves.

The way I look after myself is by taking a little time out to be creative. It therefore seemed fitting that my creative time became a way 

for me to remind others to take time for themselves. I hope that my work acts as little daily reminders to be kinder to yourself and to others. Mental wellbeing can affect us all in so many ways. If something is impacting your life, no matter how small then it is important. You are important. My aim is to generate an awareness so that we can all support one another.”


Written by Simone: @BowlerBearDesigns