I Can Cards

by Amy Holland

Iā€™m a self-love activist, Mum of two boys, who are a lot like two little dogs, a lover of green tea and wellbeing. I founded I Can Cards after having post-natal depression and realising the power of a positive mindset. However, I found the affirmations around to be very cheesy or sometimes even harmful.


So, I worked with people who had depression or anxiety to develop the packs of I Can Cards. The simple habit of reading positive affirmations daily, rewires your brain and holts any negative language. I Can Cards are positive, comforting and realistic affirmations around meaningful subjects like depression, anxiety and self-love. My mission is to spread a realistic message around mental health so that people don't feel alone.


Sometimes there aren't any solutions or quick fixes to tough situations, but there are still glimmers of hope and love that you can embrace.


šŸ–‹ļø Written by Amy Holland founder of @icancards


šŸ”— https://icancards.co.uk/