More Good Today.

by Mary Latham

“Six years ago I was sitting at my desk in NYC reading the news on the Sandy Hook School shooting when a co-worker told me about an act of kindness that had happened to him. A random man had bought a $100 gift card at the Starbucks and asked the barista to run it out on the line behind him. I spoke to my mother about the story later that morning, and then had quickly switched over to the shooting. I couldn’t stop telling her how upset I was and how much bad was out there. She interrupted me saying, “Mary, you have to focus on the coffee story. There will always be tragedies and horrible things that will happen in our lives and in the world but there will always be more good out there if you look for it.”

My mother passed away shortly after that conversation and I decided to honour her final wisdom. I made a plan

to highlight the good in all 50 states. I would stay with people who reached out and offered a room to support my mission. I’d fund it on kindness. Today, almost three years later, I am on my 47th state in my 146th home and have hit 39,400 miles.”​

🖋️Written by Mary Latham; founder of More Good for Today