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Brimming Boughs

Vaneeta Kaur

Second book of Silver Lining Series

Fast forward four years on from the tragic events of Broken Branches and we are back in Kensington based in London, England. Kris is slowly moving on from his past and this has brought in unexpected experiences around him that are forcing him to look at his own unhealed wounds. He is committed to his promise to Kelci and so is building a life that is based on the desires of his heart. In support the world brings forward a young quirky schoolgirl that goes wherever she finds happiness, and his cousin Timothy who has a mysteriously quiet girlfriend.

The foundation of Kris’s life has lifted and his intentions to his actions are finally completely closing the curtains to his past. However, first Kris is forced to realise that happiness is discovered within when we choose to come face to face and heal through our deep-rooted pain.

Brimming Boughs involves splendour, pure love, humility, mental and emotional health, supernatural elements, and eccentric humour.

Content Warning:
Depression, anxiety, abuse, bullying and death.
Few parts of this book depicts sensitive mental and emotional health topics.

Broken Branches

Vaneeta Kaur

First book of Silver Lining Series

Since a tender age, creative writing has been an emotional and mental outlet for expression and self-understanding whilst imaginative stories became my form of escapism. I began writing Broken Branches at the age of seventeen and its sequel followed naturally to produce the Silver Lining Series.


Silver Lining Series is a supernatural contemporary fictional romance. Set in London England, Kensington the plot follows Kris through his privileged life as everything is ripped from him bit by bit. When he realises that he is left with nothing a beautiful supernatural miracle helps him to uncover the honesty of not just his actions, but of those around him. When he begins to open up, and apply intentions and actions to parts of his life that he used to question, aspects of his world begin to light up and unravel. Magical forces bring up the truth about unexpected experiences around him which are forcing him to look at his own unhealed wounds to discover where happiness truly lays. 

The novels present supernatural elements, colourful humour, emotional and mental health and genuine romance.

Image by Poppie Pack

Conker Magazine

Broken Branches sends us on an adventure of a lifetime – a journey that transcends the very realms of life and death.


Vaneeta Kaur’s… novel contains mystical elements, reminders of the healing powers of love, and exhibits what happens to the psyche when we fail to acknowledge the efforts of others to touch our hearts in poignant ways.


Broken Branches helped tell a bigger story about self-awareness and happiness. It’s a fresh perspective on familial communication and personal growth.

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