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Breathing Space

The three minute ‘Breathing Space’ Meditation (Segal, Williams & Teasdale) is a great way to include Mindfulness into our daily lives, and is made up of three parts:

1) Awareness. Step out of automatic pilot and ask yourself: Where am I? What is going on for me right now? Think about the below to help you to think about your experience 👇 ➡ Thoughts: What thoughts are going through your mind?

➡ Feelings: How are you feeling?

➡ Physical sensations: What sensations can you feel in your body? 2) Gathering. Bring your attention to your breath, gathering a busy mind to focus on a

single object – the breath. . 3) Expanding. As well as being aware of your breath, begin to become aware of your body as a whole, including any sensations related to holding tension in your shoulders, neck or back. This is a really helpful short meditation to help you pause in the midst of a busy day and to re-establish contact with the present moment.

🖋️ Written by Lorna Devine

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