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  • Hayley Pearse

Brunch Over Bones

Why did I start it and how I hope to help people with it; ​ 2012; the year the word ‘Anorexia’ came into my vocabulary as a huge shock diagnosis! From a youngster I have been very much a foodie but sadly, anorexia does not discriminate and will take you when you least expect it. Restricting and exercising to excess encompassed me, and within 3 months I was extremely poorly and at a very low point in my life. From here things could only get better and recovery was hard work but so worth it! 2013; I was recovered and there was no better feeling of freedom and self-awareness. 2018; I started to struggle with Orthorexia which slowly led me back to Anorexia round 2. This took me by great surprise as I thought I was ‘over it’. Mental health is so important to look after and that is the lesson I continue to take away from my current recovery.

How does it work? The Recovery Planner is a subtle and discreet planner designed to guide you on a 6 month journey to a life beyond an eating disorder. This planner will help you to get to know your inner self and embrace who you truly are with the power of mindfulness, gratitude, self-development and challenging your core beliefs by exploring your past, redesigning your present moments and creating a future you will be excited about. ​ While using The Recovery Planner, you will be encouraged to:

  • Own your story and find the inner you

  • Practice self-reflection aside of your diagnosis

  • Review your present life and areas you would like to improve

  • Train your mind to challenge your thoughts and behaviours

  • Learn to master the art of managing emotions and understanding your triggers

  • Take time out to practice gratitude

  • Plan a future you are excited to wake up to

  • Review your progress and use your new found wings with a daily journal

​ Written by Hayley: @brunch_over_bones

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