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Encourage Kindness

One of the key messages I teach is that kindness is a choice. As adults, we need to set an example of how we know kindness is a choice and demonstrate this by being the change, so our children model our behaviour and pay it forward. 1. Be kind without any expectations - when the opportunity arises where you can be kind, do it. If you can think of one act to do each day, then do it. Do your best never to let an opportunity of kindness to slip by you. You will receive positive consequences you will feel good and so will they. I personally live by my mantra which is "A greeting, gesture or a giggle leave other people feeling better than before they met you." Here is the deal what you do comes back to you and all I can say from personal experience, while you are going through this life is to do your best to wake daily and be the kindness you want to see in the world.

2. Kindness has the power to heal and is a helpful reminder to another struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world. ​ The next time you are stood/sat next to someone and you become aware of an attack thought that is causing you discomfort remind yourself that the person stood/sat next to you has similar unhelpful thoughts that can cause negative emotions. Why not leave them with one of the greatest gifts you have in that moment that will help release any unhelpful thought. Leave them with your kindness. It maybe a word, a gesture or greeting you decide you could say it would be a win win situation. Besides one thing you will not regret from doing this small act is being kind.

3. Praise yourself and praise others - we are all guilty of criticising ourselves. However, once you catch yourself & become aware of what you are saying to yourself, then this gives you choices, and you can choose to change your thoughts with more loving, kind thoughts and when you choose to do this you see yourself and the world in a totally different light. 4. You have never really lived until you have done something for someone that can never repay you. One of the many things I love about being kind is you do not need to know where your kindness goes. Each day we are granted the beautiful gift of life which we share with ourselves and others why not go out there today or any day and make a conscious effort to help somebody you notice is in need of a little loving kindness. Just imagine what your kindness could do for them. ​ Written by Kindness Ambassador, John Magee: @kindnesscoach

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