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Happy Heart Flow

Four tips for a healthy balanced diet:

  1. Look at your plate and ensure it’s got all the food groups on it - like a rainbow plate I like to say.

  2. Increase water consumption- when you’re anxious you can often feel dehydrated, so it’s important to get your 2 Litres a day. This supports the nervous system and your energy.

  3. Limit alcohol and caffeine consumption, these can play havoc with your mind, especially when you are anxious. They increase heart rate and can create an impact - instead drink water, herbal teas or kombucha- fermented tea which can support gut health.

  4. Find a relationship with intuitive eating - start to listen to your body more of when its hungry and needing fuel, what your senses are saying to you, what your mood is.

Written by Yoga Teacher, Nutritionist and National Media Health Advocate, Fizz Yasin @happyheartflow

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