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My Copper Cup

We are basically giant cucumbers. The brain is made from more than 80% water. So as a chemist it naturally made sense to me, that if I'm trying to get the best of my health, I need to manage the 80% of what I am made from, well.

In Ayurvedic medicine they have always recommended to drink copper water before meditation. Meditation is basically pushing an electrical current or thought through water which is the brain. ​ One of the best conductors of electricity is copper. So now we begin to understand the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic medicine and why they told us to drink from copper. If the water in our body has a copper element, we conduct electricity faster therefore we think faster and meditate deeper. ​ And that's the ancient essential health tip. If we keep the water well in the

body, since we are mostly made from water, health happens easily. ​ We use the energy contained from sacred geometry, healings crystals and the health properties of copper to revitalise health and re-introduce practicality. ​ Written by Shan-e- Ali Sumar

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