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Naked Billy

“From a young age, I was always that girl who did everything on her own, which developed incredible strength and resilience, but it also gave me so many opportunities to fail. And in the moment, that hurt. ​ Those failures, whether it was being underpaid at 16 working in a kebab shop, or even when I left university to pursue a corporate leadership position, each “failure” gave me something I needed to find success. ​ And that is why Naked Billy was created. ​ I didn’t want any other women to have to do it alone like I did. I wanted women to have a support system to rely on and be empowered. ​ My story is a way to help people, yes, but it was also the wake up call I needed to help other women. Along the way, I have found different tools that I can share to help other women who are going through the same things. ​ Everyday I work with women from different age groups and ethnicities, and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s that we all have a story to embrace. When you put your pride aside and realise that no one really knows you, things change. You are

empowered when you don’t let the opinions of others control you! ​ When you accept your whole self and story, it is one of the most liberating experiences and you can finally be you.So that’s it. Helping women is as simple as being honest and real with yourself, and that is what I live by and show. ​ We love our boss babes! ​ 🖋️ Written by @nicolemelissamartin founder of @nakedbilly

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