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Power of Intentio​n

There is little power in intention alone.

However, intention is the place where goals, dreams, and aspirations originate, and there is great power in that. It all begins with intention. I like to define intention as the conscious creation of an idea. When you deeply believe in that idea, you harness the motivation to see it out. Say it out loud. Buy into its power. Visualize it. Feel it.

Consider your intentions a roadmap, guiding you toward your ultimate desired destination. Approach them mindfully by setting tangible, reachable intentions at first, and staying present with them. When your intentions become grandiose and unreachable,

you tend to stray away more easily and miss your desired destination. It’s ok to set more easily attainable intentions. In fact, it’s recommended. This way, when you reach your desired outcome, you can begin to build confidence in your ability to successfully set and deliver upon that intention. ​

That self-earned confidence is where the true power lies. ​ Setting and then living your intentions helps to align you with your values, and in turn, contributes to the development of your self-esteem and sense of success. Not in terms of fame and fortune, but in terms of the true empowerment of yourself. When you set intentions and follow through with them, you are not only showing up for yourself, but you are building a sense of self-reliability. When you trust and respect yourself in this way, others begin to trust and respect you as well. There is power in that. ​ Purpose. Inspiration. Motivation. These are all formed out of intention. Harness your inner-confidence and consider what intentions you have for yourself, your life, and your relationships. It may just turn your world around. . Written by Mary Beth Somich, LPC @yourjoureythrough

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