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As a society, we are conditioned to believe showing vulnerability is a weakness. What many do not realize is pain finds its way into all of our lives, whether we like to admit it or not. With all the growing stereotypes and societal pressures being shoved down our backs, it’s no wonder people deprive themselves of their right to feel. Writing can be an effective emotional release—and this is especially true if you are the kind of person who struggles with vulnerability. On the flipside, words also have the power to reach into the depths of a broken soul and pull it out of the darkest places.

For me, writing is not only an outlet but a safe space where the fear of judgement simply does not exist. It’s the one place I can turn to and not be afraid to be who I want to be. ​ When I first started writing in the social media realm, I had absolutely no idea my words would find their way to thousands of people, but they did. I saw the impact my words can have, not just on myself, but on the lives of those who are equally striving to live a more fulfilling life. Writing is now serving a purpose much greater than simply getting thoughts onto paper. It’s empowering people to see their worth. For that reason alone, I continue to write. 🖋️Written by Omar Hachem @omarhachemsays

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