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Let's Alchemise

I’ve worked in a range of different workplaces since the age of seventeen, but truthfully, I felt most of them tried to fit me into a box that restricted my creativity. Additionally, through several types of jobs, I have worked with children for over thirteen years, and I came to realise that life is so much more than shapes, numbers and phonics.

Podcasts & Talks

My creativity through words has led me on one brilliant journey that has aided my mental, emotional and physical health. Words are my passion but I’m obsessed with speaking about self-love, self-care, kindness, emotional and mental health as well as my own creative and healing journey.

Creative Safe Havening Guide

Got an idea playing in you? Can’t finish a project because your inner critic is lying to you about all the things that can go wrong? Or just finding the thought of creating challenging right now? The Safe Havening Process is a powerful visualisation technique that transforms you into a positive state of empowerment. I worked with Safe Havening Practitioner Michelle Francis to create this step by step guide. You don’t lose anything but gain so much!

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