Broken Branches is the first novel in the supernatural, contemporary fictional romance series Silver Lining, and its sequel will soon follow.  Creativity in the form of words has played a major role in maintaining my wellbeing since a tender age. Broken Branches started at the age of seventeen as an experimental passion project.

At a young age I quickly spiralled down the rabbit hole of imaginative stories that gave me belief that this world and the people in it can be wonderful. This is what I want my novels to provide; believing that things are a lot better than in comparison to what meets our eyes. We just have to be willing to see it.

After twelve years of editing, Broken Branches presents grandeur, realism, profound relationships, genuine love, simplicity and opulence. This is sprinkled with airy supernatural quirks that also bring about a humour in the form of classic British sarcasm and vivid colour.


The sequel showcases a realistic portrayal of mental health and of how external factors can really disconnect us from ourselves. Within ten years of editing though, I was able to reflect my present thoughts. I was able to heavily sprinkle the plot with hopefulness, strength, promise and resilience. I’ve shown that if we really want to we can make it through anything and the only ones standing in the way of our path is us.

Kindness Always,