Your Mental Health Workout

by Zoe Aston

If you notice yourself cancelling plans, not making any or you struggle to maintain your relationships might be subtle indications that difficult feelings are coming up. This may be a sign of some anxiety that needs your attention. Likewise, you may find that you are struggling to be alone and want to be with people all the time, going out every night can be a sign that you are struggling.

From the moment we are born, human to human contact really dictates whether we thrive or fail.People who develop close friendships are less prone to depressive symptoms. The things that go on in your mind in response to human contact literally reduces feelings of stress and anxiety. In infants’ skin to skin contact strengthens the immune system and even as we age it is proven that people who don’t socialise are at higher risk of developing physical health complications.

I developed YOUR MENTAL HEALTH WORKOUT ™ as a way of making working on your mental health as accessible and acceptable as working on your physical health. It includes two

social events per week. They act as a diagnostic, challenges ego and helps you figure out where your vulnerabilities are and where you need to focus in order to maintain the integrity of your mind.


🖋️ Written by Zoe Aston founder of @yourmentalhealthworkout