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Brimming Boughs

Vaneeta Kaur

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We are back in London’s affluent Kensington and it’s been four years since Kris battled his life-changing experiences and made his promise to Kelci. He is intent on ensuring that he remains true to this promise, no matter how difficult it becomes.

Lauren is standing firm and not letting anything get in the way of bringing her dreams to reality. Clare is seeing life from a new perspective and Kris is forced to face his unhealed wounds that are coming forth in the most unexpected ways. There is so much more to the surface of what’s happening, and Kris is willing to dig deeper so that he can create the life he knows he deserves.

The silver linings are becoming clear to the characters of the series and they are ready to take the steps in the direction of peace.

It’s not going to be easy though.

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