Dear Reader,

It’s not easy being a woman in the modern world. Of course, men have their own valid reasons for finding it difficult in trying to live up to society's standards, but there is no doubt that women are suppressed in a world that is heavily led by man and mind.

Women are not always given freedom to express themselves which causes poor wellbeing. Just like many girls, growing up, I recognised the way in which females were raised in comparison to males. I have pulled myself through twenty years filled with anxiety and depression; it’s been one hell of a journey. I lived, I discovered, I became aware and then resisted, only to realise that some of the things I resisted I actually desired and some of the things I thought were my purpose were simply only passions.

Being born with a very rare medical condition brought with it a very different perception of this world in comparison to those around me. This escalated my journey very quickly to being driven

by the expectations of the way a woman should be; men and women are only meant to be living for the voice of our inner being. 


Society has led people to believe that emotions equal weakness but one thing I've learnt is that emotions are our being's compass. Our emotions speak to our brain and then our behaviours then mirror those very messages. If our emotions are not expressed, harnessed or acknowledged it can become the root of mental, emotional and physical pain. Overriding our emotions, can make us unaware of our behaviours towards ourselves and those around us. 


I hope my novels provide my readers with escapism through inspiring positive messages that could comfort them the way stories have always done for me. Through my words I encourage kindness, compassion, empathy and wholeness; imagine how much of the world's beauty would be recognised if these qualities were amplified.

I wish to help people to listen to their intuition, hone their perception and bring their imaginations to reality to guide them in understanding how they can create their own peace.

Kindness Always, 

Author and Emotional Wellness Advocate