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Welcome to my website!

I thought I would tell
you a little about my
journey as a human on
this planet earth.

From a young age, I noticed that it’s not easy being a woman in this modern world. However, I have learnt that the feminine in both men and women is heavily suppressed in this dominated patriarchal world.


Since I can remember, I have always tried to conform to societal expectations at the risk of my own health. I wanted to feel like I have a place in this world, not realising that I already have one simply because I exist. Constantly trying to live up to others perception of me sent my mental, emotional, and physical health crashing.


I have pulled myself through twenty years filled with anxiety and depression. I lived, I discovered, I became aware and then resisted, only to realise that some of the things I resisted I actually desired and some of the things I thought were my purpose were simply only passions.


My obsessions are my purpose and one of my many obsessions is emphasising the creative and loving energy of the magical feminine. I hope my novels help my readers with its underlying self-help messages through the characters experiences. I hope my words inspire love, kindness, and compassion for Self so that we can help to create a more peaceful world for all.


Stay blessed,


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Ifza Shakoor

Our Future Derby

School Engagement Coordinator

I worked with Vaneeta on a careers event at a school in Derby. I found Vaneeta very professional and a brilliant advocate of mental health. Vaneeta is a confident speaker and able to engage with a range of different ages.

It was a pleasure working with Vaneeta due to her professionalism, organisation and capacity to speak about traditionally taboo subjects in the Asian community. Vaneeta was a brilliant addition to our panel of

career ambassadors.

Britt Olson

Loving Your Own Soul Podcast

Thanks to Vaneeta for being brave enough to truly feel her feelings, our world is a better place as a result. Not only is she such a compassionate and heart-centered being, her work and characters equally display her own sense of genuine character. I’m so blessed to have been able to host her on my podcast, read her novels and partake in her healing journey. So grateful for this beautiful soul!

Gurjeet Uppal

English Lead

Senior Leadership and Management Team

As part of a Primary Futures project, our Year 6 classes were very lucky to take part in a special Zoom session with Vaneeta. She delivered a very empowering talk about how through her work as an author and emotional wellness advocate, she has used her own life experiences to help younger generations discover their self-worth.

There were so many key points for the children to take away from this talk including not being afraid to follow their passion, that there isn't only one path to lead them to their 'dream job', and inspiration to turn their passions into their career, so it doesn't feel like a job!

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